Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Dunamis Family Church – Homobay, Kenya

In September 2007 Pastor Wentzel Du Plessis was privileged to be sent to Kenya and minister in a town called Homobay. They hosted a conference of + 20 churches under the leadership of Pastor Daniel Oyoko. Pastor Daniel attended our conference earlier that same year in July 2007 and said he felt very strongly to come under the covering of our late Senior Pastor Dr. H.L. Bester. Ever since God has used DIFC to touch the soil in Kenya and it has become part of our assignment to equip the saints and see the kingdom of God moving forward in Kenya. We are expectant for even greater things that God wants to do.

Mozambique: Mission Outreach

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Pastor David & Raida Rual - Mozambique Church


Our Trip as a Family in 2019
I think of Mozambique often. The experience from my first trip there, has left a lasting imprint on my heart. It taught me many life lessons: To be more than grateful for our blessings, to understand how to find joy in the simplicity of life, that it costs nothing to be humble, and more than anything to know that we have all been called to love and serve people first and foremost. The experience taught me that we all have something to offer and that God equips those he has called even when you don’t see it. The people and experience of Ndonga changed my life more than I think I could have impacted theirs on this trip.  Vanessa MoodleyMy last trip to Ndonga was amazing, I truly wanted my family to be part of this ministry as I strongly believe that a family can make a great impact here as we deal with issues of broken homes, homeless/neglected children, abuse, to name a few issues. It was great to see such development and how the people are open and hungry for self-sustainability, their desire for God is always strong and now they desire to improve their way of living. It was also powerful to ear that how through the vegetable gardens we created for them they took this even further and it became a source of income as they sold in the markets and also became a blessing to neighboring villages.  
Noel Moodley

God loves the people of Ndonga
A small village near the town of Chokwe in Mozambique. We want to go to Ndonga!  It was so disappointing not to have gone to the village in 2020 because of the Lockdown, but we are trusting for this 2021DIFC supports Ps David and his congregation and since 2015 DIFC were privileged to take teams of between 20-30 people on short term “mission” trips to the village. Each “Mission” trip is focused on assisting & empowering the church and the community on many levels – spiritually, socially, relationally, and even with sponsored clothes & items from our DIFC community in SA – not just focusing on the DIFC Church in Ndonga but also the community at large.On such trips Ps Niki and the team would generally assist with general maintenance work at the church facility eg. painting, plumbing. There is a strong entrepreneurial focus to empower the people to create an income, so we train the ladies to do needle work, making dresses etc. In 2019 we were focusing on the “veggie gardens” next to their houses for them not to walk 5-7km to the lands. We normally go during their school holidays to have children activities during the morning & afternoons. Then there are the little ones. A lot of them, almost all with snotty noses following us wherever we go. Some very naughty but understandable because of not much discipline as 80% of all fathers (men) are working on the mines in South Africa.

Most of the woman are running the households, at one time several years ago there were around 340 children between the ages of 2-10 living on the streets in Ndonga because of the HIV deaths of parents. The people in the village are looking after them.The “house to house” visits in the afternoons are a highlight as we minister to the families. We have seen many healings, interventions, breakthroughs. Last but not the least are the services in the church building in the evenings but also the outside events in the open – services with Praise & Worship, dancing with loud speakers and ministering. Great fun and excitement, it really draws the crowds. We love it to get the whole crowed dancing and singing. They love it.What a privilege. It is life changing, this all is truly a humbling experience when visiting the people of Ndonga.I vividly remember the occasion when a young man gave me a “mielie” as a gift. He had nothing else to give to show his appreciation, gratitude towards us just showing interest in him. Knowing a bit about his background at the time, we knew that he and his family had nothing but a roof over their heads and a small mielie land. I thought off giving the mielie back to him but realized I would have prevented him of a great blessing. He was just so excited to give it to me. How could I ever reject the mielie, they are truly rich people because of their contentment. It is overwhelming.We trust that the work that our Lord has started He will finish in the village of Ndonga. We keep on praying for Ps David and his team on a weekly basis for revival fire, Holy Spirit empowerment and Godly wisdom for the establish the Kingdom of God in that area. Until we meet again, hopefully soon!
Pastor Hannes Steyn