Healing Seminar Tickets

Restoring the DNA of the Bride

Some of the topics that will be discussed

  • How to restore the original intention the Lord had when He created the oils for us as the sons of God.
  • The original meaning and application of essential oils in scripture.
  • The medicinal and scriptural understanding of the body as the tabernacle and how He heals the body, soul and spirit.
  • The blueprint of how your body functions and programs and how different oils work in this process to help heal the body.
  • Introduction to medicinal oils.
  • The specific fragrance you receive in creation and how it links to your “calling”, scroll and DNA.
  • How to treat “cellular memory” and “trauma” in the body.
  • The molecular operation of oils in the body and how it reveals God as our Healer.
  • The calling to Heal the Nations.

Registration INCLUDES light lunch

Registration INCLUDES light lunch


Meal Ticket

Partial Payment Option

Partial Payment
Adult (pay in 2 installments of R100)
Ticket includes light lunch

Partial Payment Option 1
Student (pay in 2 installments of R75)
Ticket includes light lunch

Partial Payment Option 2
Adult (pay in 2 installments of R50)
Ticket Excludes Meal

Light meals can be purchased from the Dunamis Café