The Children’s Church replicates the Vision and Assignment to the Children and is therefore a Church within a Church. The heartbeat of our late Senior Pastor was that the Children receive the same message as the adults, carry the same measure of spiritual deposit and now already accomplish great exploits for God’s Kingdom. This heartbeat ensures that all three generations, the Adults, Youth and Children, move in unity with that what God release to us as a House.

Ministering Pastors

Pastor Rudolf and Neliene
We have a heart for children and believe in their destiny. We have seen how the children who have been attending the children’s homecells, are uprooting their past and embracing their future. They have paid prices and remained faithful regardless of circumstances as well as whether or not their parents serve God.Our prayer is that God will uplift all the children and cause them to grow into destiny, that they may become powerful members of our society and impact God’s Kingdom.

Cell Life

The Children along with their Shepherds reach out on a weekly basis, this way exposing the Children to ministering to people and giving of themselves, that what they received and carry within their spirits to adults and children alike.2019 was a great year, we have seen how Children have taken up and responded to that which God released. We look forward to 2020, Raising a generation that will complete the assignment.Home CellsCells take place throughout the week contact:Rudolf Bekker – 011 827 5046 for more information.

Children’s Church Album

New Generation CD
“I’m never looking back into the past cause the future looks much cooler where God takes over nations and revival comes true. I’m never holding back cause the past is gone and a new day has come it’s our time it’s our time.”Listen to the amazing title track “New Generation” to get a feel for the album. Please contact Skyworx Studio to purchase album.

Contact Details

We’d love to hear from you:011 827 5046 / 072 447 6285