Connection to God's heart to equip and train people


The heartbeat of DIFC Adults Zones is to be able to connect to God’s heart and thereby equip and train people continuously to move forward, take dominion and thus take over cities and nations for God. People are important to God and therefore DIFC will help them to become successful, prosperous and influential in all areas of life to benefit the Kingdom of God.h

Ministering Pastors

Pastors Lambert & Sharon Bester
As Young Adults we believe that we are a new generation that God is raising up to take over nations. We believe that through the guidance of our leaders as well as our senior pastors, we can achieve greatness for the kingdom of God. We are a youth carrying the heartbeat of God and truly reflecting the nature of who God is in our lives. As young adults, we recognize that God has placed a set man in this house at which we can model our lives around. We believe that in order to prosper in our personal lives, we have the responsibility of taking others around us forward. As people we believe that teamwork is the best way to take God’s Kingdom forward. Although we are all different in appearance and how we speak, we complement each other by the common goal of taking the Kingdom of God forward.

Pastor Niki & Robert Lauder
We are privileged to pastor the Young Adults/Adults here at DIFC. As a family we believe that God has called us for His purpose and assignment to advance the Kingdom. Our hearts are to fulfill the assignment that God has given, and together with our senior pastors we want to shepherd the nation. We want to see the people under our care become giant killers and be part of this great team to influence the nation. We have been part of this Vision for twenty two years here at DIFC and are expectant for what is ahead.

Riaan & Tanja van Biljon
It is our passion and privilege to inspire, influence and encourage God’s people to live for Him and become the best version of themselves. And that their love will deepen and grow more intense on as they journey in their Godly destiny! Fire Flames Worship Passion Warriors!

Lucky & Enny Sibanda
To be a Zone that is able to build a community of God loving; God fearing and vision responsive people- who are sold out for the Kingdom. To build strong healthy relationships with a heart to take the Kingdom forward by doing great things for God.

Shaun & Ansie Alcock
It’s a new day a new season new highs and a new level. Time to engage with the Father Son and Holy Spirit like never before. Time to rule from our mountains. Time to take our place on earth as Mature sons of GodTime to establish His Kingdom on earth and fulfill His desires on earth. His blueprint on earth

Vision strategy

Connect to God’s heart
Constantly tap into his heart to thereby know his agenda his need his program, as it is heaven let it be done on the earth. People must be moved forward!

Equip, train and disciple our people
Leadership and a strong pastoral team will be key to Godly success. TEAMWORK!

Our focus will be to function under kingdom government and dominion. Connecting and obeying to the governmental authority of our Senior Pastors will be vital to grow and operate in this dominion

Taking over cities and nations
We are a vehicle for God to touch cities and the nation/s. We will think of city nation, not zone. He is the God of the Nations

People are important to God
Shepherding people and working on their success and prosperity is fully God’s heart. We must work on God’s program for the people. People need care

More than ever we will develop an increased depth of worship in the Zones

It’s not what we know it’s what we believe…

As a pastoral team, we will live life surrendered to the Spirit

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