God has and is raising our generation to truly take over dominion and overcome in ALL areas of our lives. God has taken people from darkness and has given each individual a solid foundation to grow and become that Son and Daughter of His Kingdom. The fatherless have been transformed by the Love of Christ. They have been adopted by His love and have found purpose in Him.

The youth now have a DESTINY! To see how God is working in this generation is phenomenal. We are called to be the finishing generation and as a force we will accomplish this. We are a family and have strong and healthy relationships. There is no better life than being able to serve God at this age. We know how to have fun, work as a team and fellowship but most importantly we know how to serve and worship our LIVING GOD. We are never too young to make an impact. God is just looking for a person that will surrender and obey

We believe that the heartbeat of God for us as the youth is to make heaven our focus and to represent Him accurately in order to advance His Kingdom. In this day we are going to see how God is raising up men and woman that will have great influence.
We will carry the life and supernatural favour of God and we will be known as a generation that produce much fruit and live a highly productive life with no limitations. A generation that will be liberated by the reality of who God is and His unshakable love for us.

Ministering Team

Desire & Kelly Zone

Isa 61:1  R19The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has R20anointed me to bring good news to the poor;N1 he has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and R21the opening of the prison to those who are bound;N2 

Isa 61:2  R22to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor, R23and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn; 

We truly believe that we are stepping into a time of Gods favour whereas young people who love God with everything in them are going to be anointed as scripture says. I believe they will bear witness of the power of God and how heaven will invade the earth. As a finishing generation I believe our youth are going to shake the nation. They are going to carry so much boldness and so much power they will become a voice that matters where they will begin to move and shakes thing around our nation. They are going to be used by God to change uncertain situations and bring forth the kingdom of God on this earth. They will see the impossible become possible, blind eyes will be opened death ears will be opened, they will raise the dead the captive will be set free. Our youth I believe are going to be a worshiping, God fearing people who will not live-in compromise but will be carries of living water that will pour out from their belly. I believe a revival will break out amongst young people in our nation. This is what I am believing for in our youth. Arise youth and shine for your light has come.

Elvira and Chad's Zone

As youth, we know, we are a cutting edge generation that God is raising up to take over nations. We believe that through the guidance of our leaders as well as our senior pastors, we can achieve greatness for the kingdom of God.

As young people we believe that teamwork is the best way to take God’s Kingdom forward. Although we are all different in appearance and dialect, we complement one other by a common goal–taking the Kingdom of God forward!! We care for one another along with each person that crosses our path–guaranteed! We believe in increasing in every area of our lives (finances, family, faith, friendships & fitness) through constant training, and getting understandin on how the world– rrrrrrrrrreally works.(yes the ‘Rs’ are there for dramatic effect lol)

Vision Strategy

Connect to God’s heart

Constantly tap into his heart to thereby know his agenda his need his program, as it is heaven let it be done on the earth. People must be moved forward!

Equip, train and disciple our people

Leadership and a strong pastoral team will be key to Godly success. TEAMWORK!


Our focus will be to function under kingdom government and dominion. Connecting and obeying to the governmental authority of our Senior Pastors will be vital to grow and operate in this dominion.

Taking over cities and nations

We are a vehicle for God to touch city’s and the nation/s. We will think city nation not zone. He is the God of the Nations.

People are important to God

Shepherding people and working on their success and prosperity is fully God’s heart. We must work on God’s program for the people. People need care


More than ever we will develop an increased depth of worship in the Zones.


It’s not what we know it’s what we believe…


As a pastoral team we will live life’s surrendered to the Spirit. 

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