Date Title Preacher Mp3 PDF
2019/03/10The way forward – Possess your inheritanceSenior Pastor W du Plessispdf
2019/03/03Our inheritance in ChristPastor N Lauder
2019/02/24 Crossing over into your inheritance Pastor W du Plessis mp3
2019/02/17 Spirit without measure J Swanepoel
2019/02/10 In the waiting our faith arise – we are eagles Pastor W du Plessis mp3pdf
2019/02/03 In the waiting the power of God is activated Pastor W du Plessis mp3   pdf
2019/01/27 Spirit without measure Pastor L Bester mp3 pdf
2019/01/20 The next move of God Pastor W du Plessis mp3pdf
2019/01/13 Blessings of obedience Pastor L Bester mp3pdf
2018/12/16The Spirit and the word produces focusPastor W du Plessis mp3pdf
2018/12/09ThanksgivingPastor L Bester mp3pdf
2018/12/02The God of the breakthrough is in youPastor W du Plessis mp3pdf
2018/11/25Carrying a breakthrough spiritPastor L Bester pdf
2018/11/18God is a God of increaseJ Swanepoelmp3pdf
2018/11/11There is no other name like the name of JesusPastor W du Plessis pdf
2018/11/04The promises of God and the movement of prayerPastor L Bester mp3pdf