Previous Years

November 2021


Daniel's prophecies

Daniel's life

October 2021



The day of the Lord is coming

The Word heard the Word shared and the Word lived

September 2021

Church leadership

Christian leadership

Called to teach

Pastoral Letters introduction

August 2021


Great women of the Bible


Bad women of the Bible

July 2021

Haggai - Putting God first


How faith comes 2 and conclusion on Hebrews

Jesus our sanctification part 2

How faith comes

June 2021

Jesus, Our Sanctification

Jesus the Perfect Sacrifice

Hebrews - Through relationship with Jesus we have access to the very voice of the living God

Introduction to Hebrews

May 2021

When Judges ruled - God see not as man sees…but He looks at the heart

Judges - Gideon & Samson

God partners with people to accomplish His plans (Assignments)

When Judges ruled

April 2021

The Bigger Picture

The Gentile Church

The era of evangelism

Death and Resurrection of Jesus

March 2021

Reaching out 2

The Adventure begins

Acts and the Epistles (Introduction)