The DIFC Music department is a creative, exciting and explosive part of DIFC with many areas and creative ministries to get involved in. 

Over the past 21 years the Music department has grown from just a praise and worship team to a powerful creative department that now includes the Dunamis Band, creative Dance teams, drama team, sound engineers, audiovisual, Fine arts, Dunamis Choir, DIFC Pretoria band, decor, hair, make up,stage management and creative media which all come together to work on explosion evenings,celebration services, theatre productions, music videos and the international creative arts worship conference among others.

Theatre Productions

Bringing together all the art forms into one big theatre production. We took the world by storm with our very successful theatre production La Mia Passione staged at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef city and in 2013 Kingdom of a Thousand Dreams. Year after year we perform mini productions in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

We also host monthly celebration services where we combine the arts on a smaller scale to be a blessing to the nations and the local church.


The team is led by Francois Combrinck a student from the Drakensburg Boys Choir. We gather weekly which forms part of our formal as well as ministry training. Our aim is to grow to a mass choir who will be a blessing to many.

Fine Arts

The world has grasped this concept of making use of visual imagery, therefore as Amos 9:11 states: “In that day I will restore the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will rise up his ruins…”

Sound Team

The DIFC Sound Team strives to provide ministry in excellence. They are dedicated to providing a platform through which the Holy Spirit can work.


The DIFC Media team is the force behind the Dunamis Church News, Websites, Graphic designs and social networking used by the Creative Development Department and DIFC.

The DIFC Media team has been responsible for the NO PLACE LIKE HOME Music Videos, The Prophet’s Sword as well as ads for productions and conferences. The team is made up of media industry professionals.

Kingdom Of A Thousand Dreams

It is magical, it is enchanting and it burst with song, dance, mime, poetry, breath taking audio-visuals and exuberant costuming!!! It is the kingdom of a thousand dreams, a musical filled with hope, passion and loads of drama! Journey with our characters as they get swept away in a world that is more real than the physical world they live in…

It is a world of dreams, a world of destiny, a world where the loving and all powerful Dream Master is King and His kingdom belongs to those who are brave enough to take courage, leave behind their fears and have faith in the power of the dream… as they fight through their broken dreams, pain and weakness, they will find their way home… they will find their way to the Kingdom of a thousand dreams…


To order:
Karina Els: +27 11 827 5046