The Power of The Holy Spirit, An unstoppable force, Power

Founders & The Late Senior Pastors

Senior Pastors met each other in March 1969 and started dating September that year, got engaged 30th September 1970 and became husband and wife on 1 May 1971. During 1973 both of them were called into full time ministry. They received hands-on training for 14 years, serving faithfully as true disciples under their Pastor During their training they were taught what it was like to crucify their flesh, die for self, for their own desires, and give their whole lives to God and to the ministry.

Their pastor died on 26 December 1987. They stayed on for another 3 years and there after they started Dunamis International Family Church in January 1991 with 34 people, of which 26 were scholars. Pastor Hendrik received a prophetic word in the early 90’s, ‘Hendrik, Youth of the Nations’. They believe that young people must get out of the mold and the pattern in which they grew up in and get into the pattern and plan that God has for their lives according to Jeremiah 29:11. God has given to them a vision that will come into fulfilment through the heartbeat of cell life.

The church has received a primary assignment to constantly win and disciple people for Jesus Christ. At a very young age Pastor Phillicia was already involved in singing, dancing, drama and public speaking. Under the submission of her husband, she has raised up a powerful, anointed music team with a music pastor and 80 members involved in the Praise and Worship team.

Ministry and Results

Raising up Leaders

Working in the community of Germiston as Senior Pastors since 1991 has been a challenge for the following reasons:

  1. The general breakdown of strong Family Life in the basic household.
  2. Poverty amongst the people of the City.
  3. The very strong traditional roots preventing new Enterprises from arising

Dr’s. Bester started in November 1991 with 34 people, of whom 27 were younger than 25. Ever since that day the church membership consists of 80% people younger than 30 years. The church has grown to just over 1000 people (the biggest church in the history of Germiston).

Surrounding Dr’s Bester are committed loyal men and women, who have been with them for the past 21 years, believing in their vision and doing everything possible to establish God’s Kingdom.


Monthly 'we care' initiative
Staff debriefing at Netcare
Trauma Counseling
Yearly Mozambique Mission Trips

Present activities in the Community

The Shoebox project

“The Shoebox project” provides gifts and fulfils the needs of orphan children living with HIV and Aids.

The Love of Christ ministries

“The Love of Christ ministries” (TLC), amongst others, receives food and necessary products which supply to the needs of numerous children.

Child and Family Welfare

Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare

It has to be said that most of the above mentioned services involves people who are not members of our church. This church exists for the general upliftment of the people of the City; IT HAS BEEN SAID OF THEM THESE ARE TRUE NATION BUILDERS. The greatest achievement and success of Dr’s. Bester is that their whole family, by the grace of God, faithfully serves with him in the Local Church. This is truly a sign of a couple with great integrity and vision. Their influence has resulted in many people’s lives being touched and their general standard of living has increased tremendously.

We believe

in the original text of the Old and New Testament as fully inspired by God and accept it as the highest and final authority for faith living. 

We believe in one God who for ever exists in three Persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit We believe that Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary and is fully God and fully man

We believe

that God has created man in His image, that mankind has sinned and therefore deserve the wages of sin, physically and spiritually, that all mankind inherited a sinful nature, which results (when people reach the age of spiritual and moral responsibility), in real transgressions with personal liability

With regard to sexual behaviour, we believe in heterosexual relationships between a natural man and a natural woman within the confines of lawful matrimony. Adherence to this stated principle of sexual behaviour is an inherent requirement with Dunamis International Family Church

We believe

that Jesus Christ died for our sins as a substitute offering and according to  Scriptures by His blood that was shed for us everyone who believes in Him will be justified We believe in the bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, His ascension to Heaven and His present life as our High Priest and Advocate. 

We believe in the personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that all who repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour through faith will be born again through the Holy Spirit and will become children of God 

We believe

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which provides the believers with power and equips them with supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and fellowship with Him. 

We believe that God has given the offices of Apostle, Prophet, Shepherd, Evangelist and Teacher. With regards to submission to authority, we believe in the principle of being in authority because you are under authority. As such it is understood that all leaders and members of Dunamis International Family Church shall be subject to submission to authority in matters pertaining to Church Government, doctrine and personal behaviour

Vision & Mission

Vision statement

To be able to connect to God’s heart and thereby equip and train people continuously to move forward, take dominion and thus take over cities and nations for God. People are important to God and therefore DIFC will help them to become successful, prosperous and influential in all areas of life to benefit the Kingdom of God.

Mission statement

Our mission is to build a Church with a strong spirited atmosphere of worship, faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

The History of DIFC


The late Senior Pastor H.L. Bester modelled discipleship. The Strategic year – August 1994 – 88 members. We received training for one year every Monday evening. Senior Pastor shared his heart / vision without realizing that he introduced the cell life to us. He role modelled relationships. We learned that it is impossible to trust God if you cannot trust a man. Relationships and unity became stronger.


One night the Holy Spirit intervened in the group. God raised up a spiritual father. He must reproduce spiritual sons, not hirelings. 90% of the people that made that commitment are still part of the team today


Our Church was on the edge to transition from “BUILDING A CHURCH to BUILDING THE KINGDOM”.

We were primarily an Afrikaans community who did not accommodate all people. Our Senior Pastor knew that he needed a committed team that would submit to him and the God given vision, so he proceeded in doing the following.

He chose men and woman

He chose 12 men and 2 women. 80% of them were young and therefore not well equipped or capable. The basic qualities that they had were being faithful, submissive, available and teachable (FAST). That was the basic criteria by which they were chosen. Over the years the potential team has matured and multiplied but our Senior Pastor never stopped investing in his team. This has now snowballed where the team invests in others as well.

The vision was shared

Without vision people perish. We’ve been taught important principles. One can never be entrusted with a God given vision until you follow the vision of a spiritual leader.

God gives vision to a man

The church must be led by one man not a board or a committee. You cannot submit to the vision without submitting to the man. When God gives vision to a man, He places His spirit upon that man to fulfil the vision.

Our values were challenged and changed

The team learned that God has entrusted their lives into the hands of the Senior Pastor to disciple them. Their values were and still are changed by him. They were taught many principles such as:

  • God loves people
  • Discovering their own and other people’s true potential.
  • God is more interested in ones character than in one’s gift.
  • God rewards faithfulness, not performance.
  • Live to make someone else successful
  • Empty oneself
  • Loyalty to the Senior man and ultimately to God. Live to see God’s vision fulfilled

Do the work of an evangelist – reaching our city, nation, and world.

Senior Pastor practiced what he preached

He never expected them to believe in or to care for someone unless he has proven to them that he cares for them and he believes in them. That gave the team tremendous security, strength and an example in doing it.

Loyalty of the team members

The loyalty of the team towards the vision and the Senior man, will secure the future of the church and the fulfilment of the vision. A loyal team is a transparent team. Where a team is loyal and stand in unity with the leader, God will command His blessing.

We were primarily an Afrikaans speaking community. The vision is for the city, not only a chosen few. In order for us to fulfil this vision. Senior Pastor made the commitment to God to transition the church to English, which took place over 8 months. Word got round that there is a church who accommodates everyone, and all types of people started coming.Today we are a multinational, cultural and generational church. A wonderful synergy exists between young, old, coloured, black, white, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Zambian, Congolese and Zimbabwean, just to mention a few.

God has truly accomplished something great in our Local church regarding the above statement. The poor became rich; the rich became dependant on God. The unschooled is schooled. The sick is healed. The youth changes the world, while the adults give them the guidance.

We are planting cells everywhere and amongst everyone – children (7-12 with adult leaders), youth (13-19 with adult leaders), young adults, adults, senior citizens, couples and singles; In prisons and hospitals; In Germiston, Alberton and surroundings, Heidelberg, Secunda and Pretoria. We have ongoing community projects. We have given financial support to churches in Germiston, Zimbabwe and Malawi and support a big Missions network in the rest of Africa. We are connected to churches in Singapore, Ivory Coast and the USA to whose success we are totally committed.

Our Staff

Senior Pastor Wentzel du Plessis

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Family Church

Senior Pastor Fiona du Plessis

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Family Church
HOD Umdali Arts & IT

Karina Els

               Personal Assistant to                       Senior Pastor Wentzel du Plessis
HOD HR Department

Judy David

International Secretary to Senior Pastor W.du Plessis–Singapore

Pastor Lambert Bester

Executive Youth Pastor, HOD Finance,HOD Businesses  

Pastor Niki Lauder

Zone Pastor, HOD Umdali Counselling & Intercession

Andries van der Walt
Pastor Rudolf Bekker

HOD Childrens Ministry

Pastor Jaco de Swardt

Pastor Adults & Finances

Marissa Kieser
Matilda Louwrens

Assistant Umdali Institute

Wessel Fick
Tanja van Biljon

Umdali Fine Arts Caps Curriculum

JP Theron

HOD Facilities & Maintenance 

Gerda van Wyk

HOD of Dynamic Bookshop 

Sandra Ngwenya

Bookshop Assistant

Natashia Theron
Leon Meyer

HOD Music departemnt

Elvira Presslin

Public relations & Business developer 

Corne Combrinck

HOD Dance department